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Appetizing options that won't put a dent in your wallet

Unlike many other Chinese restaurants, Imperial Palace offers you meals that will fill and satisfy you without having to spend a fortune.


Visit us anytime during the week and on weekends to order your favorite options from our lunch specials or on our menu. All of our specials come with rice, soup (dine-in only), one piece of crab rangoon, tea, and fortune cookie.

Save money and feed the entire family with our dinner specials, or check out our daily specials for more savings!

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You'll be glad you ate with us

We can give you the tasty Chinese food you want within budget with the help of our specials throughout the week. Every day of each week has two delectable options that come with soup, rice, hot tea, fortune cookie, orange slice, and one crab rangoon (lunch only). Pay just $8.95 for dinner or just $5.95 for lunch!

Pick something from our menu and either order online or contact us for delivery!

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Enjoy our specials from 11:00 AM - 2:30 PM

**Lunch NOT available on Saturdays**

**Closed on Tuesdays**

Call or visit us today.


Options that satisfy your flavor palette


Get great lunch specials or order off of our extensive menu and then indulge in a delicious meal you won't forget.

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